10 Presentation Tips for Better Public Speaking

public speaking

Public Speaking is an art. Having the right words written on a paper or rehearsed in the mind is not enough, knowing the right technique to deliver them in front of an audience is the most important aspect. While, getting a complete grasp of it may involve years of hard work we have accumulated the top 10 presentation tips that can assist you the next time you stand in front of the crowd to speak on a topic of your choice.

10 Public Speaking Presentation Tips

  1. Nothing can match passion. Whether you have it or you don’t, there is no middle way. If you are passionate about the topic you are speaking on then the words would flow automatically. You won’t have to apply extra effort, you would simply be speaking your heart out.
  2. Your first impression is your last, that is certainly true when it comes to presenting. So, look confident and be confident when facing the audience especially at the beginning of your speech.
  3. In today’s world where everything is fast-paced, people tend to prefer things that conclude quickly. With such short attention spans, it is vital to keep your piece short, sweet and to the point.
  4. Try getting closer to your audience. Not necessarily step into the crowd but don’t shy behind the podium. Step forward so they know that you are right there with them with no barriers in between.
  5. Give attention to your posture. Make sure that you are not leaning on the podium or one foot. While standing, keep the balance of your body weight on both feet.
  6. It is essential to keep the pitch of your voice even at all times. Stuttering or allowing the volume of your voice break will send a bad impression to the crowd.
  7. When you’re on a public speaking gig, it is difficult to look in the eyes of people in the audience but at the same time it’s crucial. Just moving your eyes through the crowd does not give you the kind of eye contact which is a must while delivering. It builds a connection.
  8. Never turn the lights off, let the room stay bright so the crowd can focus on you more than your slide. In a dark room, the focus automatically shifts on the bright slides.
  9. With delivering in front of a small group of people or in a conference room then use a TV screen instead of a wall. The wall would be too big for the people to read everything from.
  10. Answer questions and take feedbacks in the most positive of manners. Even the most critical ones. This is a sign of professionalism.