How to Prepare for A Job Interview in Singapore

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How to Prepare for A Job Interview in Singapore

Its not much different around the world when you turn up for an interview. However there are a few golden rules you need to follow. Most of the golden rules are common sense but I have been reminded recently if it was common then everyone would know. You get the idea! Prepare for Job Interview in Singapore.

Job Interview in Singapore

The Basic Golden Rules For A Job Interview in Singapore

Always be at your interview early

The transport system in Singapore is pretty robust but there is times that it does throw ups the odd curve ball. The Singapore MRT is reliable but ensure you plan your route. I have know people super diligent and even traveled the route the day before. If its a job you want then do everything in you power to get it. If you not that bothered about the job use your energy looking for another. If you are coming to Singapore especially for an interview then here is some great public transport advice

Food Before The Interview

You may not have considered this but you get to the interview and there is another 20 people there. Its all running a little late you skipped breakfast or lunch to get there on time. You start to get hungry, your thinking about food, the stomach starts rumbling. What now ? do you run outside grab something to eat rush back in.

Now your out of focus and not at one with who you are. Ensure what ever time of day your interview is in Singapore make sure you have something to eat. Take a little something in your bag just incase. Also because of the humidity make sure you are carrying some water. Remember do not eat something that is possibly toxic afterwards like garlic chicken.

Job Interview in Singapore

Footwear For Interviews In Singapore

Yes you read it, seriously, it s quoted “You can accurately judge a person just by looking at their shoes”, psychologists say. They even claim that you can tell 90% of a persons characteristics jus by their shoes. So make sure you choose the appropriate footwear for the position. If its a young business that does programming perhaps flip flops are acceptable. A job in the city banking requires a much more formal approach so get it right.

Dress Sense For Interviews In Singapore

This is as important as the shoes, first impressions go a long way and sometimes last indefinitely. Dress to impress and if it isn’t something new that you wear to the interview make sure its clean. Do not make the mistake of getting out your interview outfit on the day of the interview. What if its got a stain from the last time you wore it, it will not look good. Get it out get it professionally dry cleaned. You only have one opportunity to present yourself in a good light to the interviewers once.

Captains of industry especially in Singapore talk to each other, make one really bad impression at one interview and you may never make it through a door again. Fashion tips for the ladies . Fashion for the men.

Job Interview in Singapore

Hairstyles For Interviews In Singapore

Its at the top of your head, thats if you still have it after all the stress of the impending interview. Get it styled, get it cut and at the very least ensure that its washed looking its best. The same goes for personal grooming. If your male please do ensure that you trim all the little bits that stick out from your ears, you nose, etc

Take a good long hard look in the mirror, would you employ that person. Be honest with yourself, be critical because thats what happens out there in the real business world of Singapore.

Job Interview in Singapore

Know About The Company In Singapore

Research is the key to this one and if you are not bothered about doing out then its not the job for you. Do a thorough research task. Start with the basic, how many people do they employ, how many offices do they have, in how many countries. Of course what does the company do, who are there biggest rivals and who are their biggest customers. How much money does that company turn over, there are many things you should know.

Taking it to the next level of research. Find out who owns the company along with who are the departmental manager. The likely people whom are going to interview you. Try to find them on Facebook or Linked-in because they will be doing the same about you. Look for common interest or topics that you both can relate to, ensure that you have something in common or at least knowledgable  about.

Know Your Audience. The Company you want to work for

Stand Apart From the Crowd In Singapore

Now you have some of the basics in place, the common sense practical interviewing preparation done. Now its time to be noticed and make your lasting impression from everyone else. You got the looks the dress sense to fit in, now its all about your personality and presentation. I, Thomas Bellehchili can give you that edge, that sense of presence, performance and perfection of delivery.

Public speaking very seldom comes naturally to anyone, or to give its medical name Glossophobia. If you have this innate fear or just want to improve your public speaking then enrol in one of my workshops. If you don’t have the time and your interview in Singapore is imminent please read on.

Body language

Smile, look the employer in the eyes, show confidence the way you move. This comes from inner confidence, confidence is gained by constantly repeating something until it is ingrained in our system. Attend a workshop full of strangers and the first time you may be a little apprehensive. By the third session you will begin to know everyone and be a little more self confident in yourself.

Once you have mastered the art of public speaking you will no longer feel ill at ease in any situation. The posture ,the delivery, all  this has an effect on how people perceive you to be. Ensure that it is a positive upbeat image and personality they see before them.

Job Interview in Singapore

Use Storytelling Techniques When Answering Your Interview Questions

Now if you have done your research correctly you can use your story telling techniques. The best way to make the interviewer impressed is to share a past work experience story. You can use storytelling technique to describe that work experience. You will need to use a story that is relevant to the job and highlights the key points. Try and link the story to something they have experienced. You want them to engage with you on a personal level. People don’t employ CV’s they employ people they like and connect with.

Your body language also comes into play here as well, express yourself whilst telling that story. Use your hands, you eyes use your passion to be engaging. Be fearless, be brave and bold as you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. I teach you how to use your storytelling technique to take people on a journey, a journey with you so they engage on every word.

Job Interview in Singapore
Research The Company’s Details

Be Honest In Your Interviews

No matter the question they ask, always try to give your try opinion, your honest opinion. There is no bigger blunder leaving your interview with the interviewers thinking you lied. If you gave them the impression that you lied during the interview thats the end. No dear John follow up, no Oh not this time but next time there is a job we will give you a cal. No its OVER. Even if it is a difficult question which is designed to give a negative answer. Use your storytelling technique take them on a journey and end on a positive. The positive being, ok that went wrong, this went wrong be on the positive side I learned X, Y, Z. Also from that bad experience you can apply your new found confidence to other situations.

Be positive NO MATTER WHAT.

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