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Thomas Bellehchili will help you to develop your confidence and leadership throughout his  training workshops

“Thomas is an energizer!”  most of his friends and people who meet him always leave with a broad smile and enthusiasm for life!


Thomas Bellehchili

The Birth Of Thomas Bellehchili

Thomas was born and raised in Paris in the early years of his life. A typical Frenchman ? You decide once you get the opportunity to witness his truly individual  style of speaking and presentation.

The Education Of Thomas Bellehchili

Thomas went to Canada to complete part of his education in Marketing. He finally graduated with an Msc in entrepreneurship. With all his enthusiasm for life it didn’t take long before he found employment with a large International company. It was not longer after that Thomas discovered that the corporate life was not for him.

  “you cannot express yourself because you must follow the rules, that ultimately kills your creativity” Thomas Bellehchili

Very soon after he decided to leave everything and move to Asia to start a training business. This is where he found that his real passion was for the stage and public speaker came out

Thomas Bellehchili The Public Speaker Is Born

After traveling the world in his passion for public speaking and the desire to learn Thomas is now ready. He has served his apprenticeship on the stages pitting his skills and witt against all comers.  Thomas is now champion speaker and his goal is to share with others all his experiences. To  help you to be a better speaker and mostly help you to find yourself

“most successes didn’t start with just an idea, but it started with a passion …”.

Champion speaker

Won several worldwide competition including humorous and international speech contests

District 89 Fall Contest 2015- 2016 Result 2nd Place

Resident of France is semifinalist in the world’s largest speech contest

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Trainer and Super Coach

Thomas is not a coach he can be a super coach : he helped me write my speech

Drama and Comedy

Join the famous theatre school in Paris “les cours Florent”,

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Thomas Bellehchili

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