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Come and discover the great series of workshops. Designed to improve all your public abilities. You will improve your speaking skills which will Enhance your , sales, business skills, self-confidence and  humor levels. Improve your positivity in life.



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We are about : Public speaking and Self performance. We have one goal: Help you to follow your dreams. Our services:  look at our workshop series, private coaching and seminars. For Who? For people who want to achieve their dreams, boost their performance.

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What's Clients Say

  • I have listened to few of Thomas’s  speeches in SZ, Zhuhai, and Xiamen & HK. I not only enjoyed his sense of humor, but I was also attracted by his enthusiasm and spirit on that stage. He is a diligent, conscientious and warm wonderful decent man.

    Diligent and prepared, he had 6 different versions of his speech in HK. Unbelievable, he prepared so many variations dependent on the audience that was going to be before him. ,

    So if you get a chase to listen to one of Thomas Bellehchili speech’s , I highly recommend that you do. You will  find “INSPIRATION” from his wonderful speech and work attitude.

    -Mayer Kurming

  • Thomas  has an electric stage presence  that really energizer audiences. His natural side of humor shines through in his movement, voice and content. Don’t miss the chance to see him in action and learn from a true masters! I would highly recommend enrolling on one of his public speaking workshops.


  • I had a chance to listen to a Thomas Bellehchili speech and interview in the ATS (Annie talk show). He is so funny and enlightening, shaping meaningful things in a very humors way .A Charming public speech! Definitely a must see on stage. You could also try to emulate his talents by enrolling on a course with him